Why The Anchor Txt Game Is Gay

//Why The Anchor Txt Game Is Gay

Why The Anchor Txt Game Is Gay

Why The Anchor TXT Game Is Shit

Many SEO’s including myself have fallen into the trap at some point in time of their career of attempting to try and solve the magical puzzle of what anchor text ratios work best. The mistake to this line of thought is Google is constantly tweaking and updating their algorithm, reportedly up to a few times a day. With the new rollout of the FLORIDA update, SEO’s are reporting sites with heavily optimized anchor text falling, however, currently, I am seeing the opposite on my personal and clients websites.

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Yes, Google may swing into a period in which there is a preference for direct anchor text. But what happens when your anchors are very direct then they adjust the algorithm to favor say branded anchor text? Yes, your screwed, either remove the links or run the risk of changing the anchor text on the links (highly not recommended).

Why Anchor Text Ratios Are Magical Thinking

Many great SEO’s preach look at your competitor’s anchor text ratio’s and copy them. This is simplistic at best and a rather caveman backward way of approaching the matter. There are many variables that come into play such as, there on page content, are the tools your using picking up all their links, are they a big brand that gets high search volume on their branded search/query, how old is their domain, have they been jammed up into 1st spot for years, the list goes on and on and on. Over the years many SEO’s and link building companies have gone broke trying to play the anchor text game, as simply Google’s preference changes regularly.

Well, What Anchor Txt Should I Use Then Dickhead?

It’s a complicated question with a very simple answer. Focus on the content you are linking from making it as close to a 1 to 1 match as possible. Meaning if your linking to flower shop site make the article about flower shops. Keep all articles punchy, don’t allow your content to drift into say “how flowers are grown” (topic drift). Then choose where your link looks natural within the content preferably in the first few sentences of the content. Don’t be keyword heavy in your anchor text, use branded mostly. Where possible let the article writer choose your anchor text. Be random be branded and do not overoptimize on keywords.


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