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Your website is the most important part of your online campaign. No matter if your doing email marketing, social media or straight google rankings it will be the first point of contact for your new clients. We have a full-time developer who has to be seen to be believed we usually recommend at least a day on your website improving the aesthetics and on page SEO.

Many times a web page looks amazing but does not function well for the user. How many times have you landed on an amazing page and could hardly find the phone number? It is important to have functionality right as Google now ranks on user experience and is a big part of the Google algorithm.

If your needs are video, we provide hands down the best platform to launch your business on youtube. Youtube is the second largest search engine in Australia. We rank and bank!!

We are not limited to Google as the only text search engine we also provide services for bing, yahoo and many more. Each platform has a different algorithm and it is must be made clear on what platform you would like us to optimize your page for.

We are also able to provide elite social media marketing, content creation, and videos. We will advise on how to optimize your page for more conversions. Creating a webpage from scratch is not what we do as this task is best left up expert web designers. We are happy to recommend who we use and have faith in but will not get involved in the process until the finishing phase.

We will need to change and tweak on page content so that page ranks for the keywords you have selected. Selecting keywords is essential, this part of the process is up to us. We will need guidance and communication from you in directing us what your company stands for and what you believe the searcher may type when looking for a product or service you supply.