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Your hapiness is important to us ane strieve to ask you the hard questions in order to fullfil our promis of keeping your best interests as the forefront of our core business model.

A txt message from a psychic can be the difference between an amazing day and an average day. We love our txt message service as it allows you to have contact with a real life psychic who can then txt you back within minutes of receiving you message. If you believe you may enjoy the service please ask us if you would like to use the IMS messaging as it is more easyyer to use and faster.

Does a real life psychic txt me back?

The answer is yes a real life psychic will txt you back and have you ready to have fun again within minutes. A txt message can tell you all you need in your psychic life.

We bill all psychics txt’s under I am registar so it is well hidden on your phone bill. Total discretion is kept in our records and we believe in putting your needs first with a policy that none of your records will enter a data base.